About Us

Our Mission

Satyam Healing Arts and Yoga Surf Life Style Retreats founded by Goyo Fawley and his wife Anita Sundaram in the belief that a beautiful life is balanced through one’s healthy lifestyle practices, close connection to Sangha (community)  and communion with the Divine. When in balance one finds Satyam (truth) which permeates all aspects of life.

It’s our passion and gift to offer our hearts and hands in service and aim to support the needs of individuals seeking a holistic and complementary approach to health, wellness and lifestyle practice.

Inspired by global adventure  and a curiosity and respect for all Cultures, Yoga Surf Life Style Retreats aim to satisfy the needs of the adventure-minded yogi and traveler offering unique educational and eco-lifestyle retreats and workshops at some of the most beautiful places on the planet.

We look forward to meeting you on the path. May all beings experience peace in mind, body and spirit.

Om Shanti,
Goyo & Anita

“It’s powerful when we discover  the beauty and peace by living a life of balance and in close connection to that which we most cherish. We are delighted to serve and inspire this life fantastic.”