Seasonal Detox and Pancha Karma

“Yoga Shodhana – The Ayurveda detox practice for mind and body purification”

Offered quarterly at various studios around the country. Click for class near you.

Cleansing is a very important aspect of the Ayurvedic seasonal routine. We realize the most benefit when we cleanse in the seasonal transitions of spring and fall.   Spring is the perfect time to reflect, renew and recharge on all levels. To inspire and support positive transformation we look to Ayurveda and the tradition of Shodhana Chikitsa (cleansing therapies) to manifest health and new possibilities in all aspects of our lives.

Join Anita Sundaram for a special 3-hour dynamic Veda Yoga practice designed to support the seasonal qualities of new beginnings, transformation and detox. Benefits of this practice include: improved digestion, sound sleep, balanced energy, glowing skin and purified body and mind!

The Yoga Shodhana intensive includes:

  • Ayurvedic teas – promoting internal detox
  • Tailam – herbalized oils applied to the entire body to mobilize fat-soluble toxins
  • Challenging Yoga Asana – inspired movement to release deep-seated toxins
  • Pranayama – cultivate inner fire & harmonize the nervous system with breath work
  • Mantra – create transformation through the power of vibrational sound
  • Tapas – heat as a therapeutic element deepens the purification
  • Mediation – grow in the experience of mental clarity
  • Intention Setting – get clear and visualize new possibilities
  • Rehydrating beverage and light fruit at conclusion.

Manditory for practice:

  • properly nourished and hydrated – no food two hours prior to practice
  • yoga mat
  • 3 large towels to cover yoga mat, 3 hand towels
  • favorite tea mug
  • large bottle of water (bring hot/warm water in a thermos if possible)
  • tight fitting clothing – we will apply oil all over the body and sweat a lot!

Please Note: This workshop in for persons with previous yoga experience and is physically challenging. Practitioners with injuries or persons with any medical condition where strenuous physical activity in a heated room could pose health risk are not allowed to participate. Contradictions for practice could include: heart disease, high blood pressure, hypertension, fibromyalgia, history of seizures or any other acute or chronic health issue and pregnancy.