Yoga Classes with Goyo

Goyo found yoga in 1994 and it’s been part of his life ever since. His initial curiosity with asana was purely physical but soon become a grounding rod and profound gift… awareness and sweet connection to the Divine. Surfing the vast physical, emotional and spiritual waves of life, Goyo is humbled with all his practice has offered and is honored to share this journey with others.

Understanding that everyone comes to the mat for different reasons, students are encouraged to explore their practice with integrity and compassion. As a teacher Goyo inspires a curiosity, respect and exploration of the subtle layers of the mind, body and spirit.

Emphasis in placed on the awareness and experience of breath and how this connection grounds the mind so the physical and emotional energy can be freed. Special attention to body mechanics, alignment and sequencing create safe and effective openings. Students are supported and encouraged to move consciously and authentically in the exploration and discovery of the felt-sensation.

With a background in Hatha and Asthanga Goyo draws inspiration from a variety of styles and teachings. He offers humble gratitude and respect to the many teachers along his path and considers it a great honor to have studied with Anna Forrest, Saul David Raye, Julian Walker and others.

Teaching Schedule In Long Beach

Come in out of the cold and begin your journey towards a deeper level of practice. Over the next few months our practice will be dedicated to cultivating a deep appreciation of Agni (fire/heat) and a transformative practice that both grounds and strengthens the body, mind and spirt. Together we will melt the heaviness of winter and ignite the fire within.

Join these all-levels classes as we ground through strength building asana, center in balance & core work and cultivate prana & ojas with vedic pranayama (special breathing techniques). Connect and explore the sacred landscape of the Divine and feel the peace within. It is my prayer that each class support, inspire and delight.

Trilogy Yoga

Monday 6:00pm All Levels

Wednesday 6:000 pm All Levels
Sunday – Sanga – Mindfulness & Movement 10:30 am
** First Friday’s Ayurveda Lecture – 6:30pm first Friday of each month Info Link

3141 E. Broadway Long Beach, Ca 90804

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